Archive of Mind, AGNSW, Sydney, Australia

Archive of Mind, AGNSW, Sydney, Australia

Making Worlds, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
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In occasion of Sydney Modern Project's inauguration, Archive of Mind is now on view at Art Gallery of New South Wales in Australia. With the artwork, Kimsooja invites visitors to collect a handful of clay, sit at the large work surface, and empty their minds of distraction; to sink into the experience of forming a ball of clay between the hands, rolling and wrapping it into itself like an infinite Bottari. The process transforms simple, everyday actions into moments of meditation and transcendence. As each sphere is completed, it is added to the table, forming an organic arrangement that holds the imprint of each maker. Archive of mind is accompanied by Unfolding Sphere, a subtle soundscape composed of two sounds: the artist gurgling water and clay balls being pressed, rolled and colliding with one another. At some moments it recalls a distant thunderstorm, at others, a burbling stream.

This presentation of Archive of Mind is supported by a grant from the Australia-Korea Foundation, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
Purchase with funds provided by the Art Gallery of New South Wales Foundation 2018


Photo by Jaeho Chong
Image Copyright AGNSW, Christopher Snee

Archive of mind
Participatory Installation with Clay Ball, Wooden Table and Stools, Sound Performance Unfolding Sphere(2016), 16 Channel 15:35, loop
Courtesy of Kimsooja Studio

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